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Avatars for contacts
Funny pictures to your avatar! A collection of beautiful avatars contains a lot of the best avatars for forums and blogs, ICQ, Skype, social networks and contacts. Avatars can be set to contacts from the phone book. Now your contacts will look fun and varied! Paint your phonebook Android! Make surprise - friends will be amazed picture on incoming call! A beautiful picture, set the call a loved one, will lighten your and your boyfriend/girlfriend mood! This app for Android allows you to select and download free avatars for ICQ, Skype, forums, blogs, social networks (Facebook, etc.) and online dating sites. Application features: - Great choice of the best, coolest avatars. Many categories. - View mode random avatars helps make a quick choice and set an avatar on contact. - Free. Works on Android phones and tablets versions 2.2 and above. - Set avatars for contacts from the phonebook. - Small size of the application. You must be connected to the Internet. Avatars are saved in the folder "Pictures" on the memory card of your Android device. Categories of avatars: ICQ, Girls, Boys, Angels, Games, Anime, Film, Cartoon, Brands, Fantasy, New Year, Cats, Eyes, Glamour, Stars, Cars, Abstract, Animals, Nature, Love, Black & White, Children, Art, Music, Monstr, Sport, People, Emo, Lips, Robots, Money, Space, Smile, Food, avatars in style Androidify, House, Insects, Sea userpic, War userpic, Retro, Gifts, Travel, Skull, Halloween, Web.

2 programm - Wallpapers and pictures HD
Collection of wallpapers for your desktop.
Tags, high quality HD, wallpapers.
Selected image can be saved to a memory card or set it as your desktop wallpaper.
- A large number of beautiful wallpapers HD
- Save the image to the memory card
- Set as wallpaper
- Approximation (zoom)
- Scrolling images gesture (swipe)
- Split into categories
Wallpaper presented in the following categories:
3D, bright, abstract, dark abstract, Aviation, Cars, anime, architecture, black wallpaper, vector, abstract vertical lines, trucks, girls, cars, girls, money, digital art, digital desktop, home theater, Abstract green, interior, Casino, Water, Earth map, computers, cats, Creative, Green, Love, Fun, Text, abstaktnye slanted lines, butterflies, railroad, nature, birds, drawings of cars, abstract blue, dogs, tuning, fantastic world, background, Formula 1, Abstract color lines, flowers

3 programm - Funny russian comics
Funny comics in Russian: (former, Cyanide and Happiness, Girl Genius, Cat and Mouse, Tag koshkosti, Man and cat, Kitty and Misha.
Application features:
- Seven of funny comics
- Swipe your finger
- Save position
- Easy navigation
- Scaling comics with two fingers
- Save liked comics on the memory card

Comics bashorg
« - Quoter Runet" - entertainment Web site that publishes sent by a funny, funny e-mails or fragments of history occurred.
On August 1, 2007 on the website three times a week published a small comic, created based on individual citations.

Cyanide and Happiness (Cyanide and Happiness) - webcomic MakElfatrika Dave, Chris Wilson, Matt Melvin and Rob DenBleykera.
Cyanide and Happiness is often described as the most cynical comic online.
Comics drawn in the style of "late kindergarten" - stick-stick-rectangular body, from facial features - just the eyes and mouth.
Very unique style: a minimum of drawing a maximum of sense. The name is an oxymoron. On the one hand, "Cyanide", which is a chemical substance, a strong mineral poison, the smallest dose can kill a person (ingestion). A "happiness" - this is like a joy to feast during the plague.

Girl Genius (Girl Genius). Adventure, romance, gloomy genius!
Consistently developing comic authored couple Phil and Kaija Fogle, stamped their company, Studio Foglio.
Girl Genius - the story in the style of steampunk, as the authors call it, "a flight of fancy of gas lamps, adventure, romance and a mad genius," which is based on the fantastic "alternative development history", combining alternative development techniques and the existence of so-called "Sparks" mad geniuses who have superhuman abilities in one or more areas of science.

Sign koshkosti (Hallmarks of felinity)
Hilarious comic about cats from MakEldauni Brooke (Brooke McEldowney). Character comics - Siamese cat named Solange ...
The comic demonstrated the traits of character that make a cat a cat, namely, that they can not get past the dark fabric and clothing, their unflinching indifference to the "pitiful little people" (except, of course, if these little people have not brought that- lint), subtle tricks to help them get to the most comfortable angle and the most warm lap.

Man and cat
This touching, philosophical and a little sad story in pictures created illustrator Oleg Tischenkovym. Comics is a graphic novel about the sad and wise cat, leading philosophical conversations "for life" with his master. The author considers these figures to the genre of "alternative comics." From the usual stories with pictures (any "Spider-Man" and "Batman"), as well as today's popular manga, fantasy and comic skits they differ concise and extraordinary sense of humor. In a sense, the cat Oleg Tischenkova - a character no less iconic than Masyanya Oleg Kuvayev or Bilzho P. Andrew, his short and succinct sayings vengeance walk on LiveJournal and other popular blogs.  By comic book "Man and the Cat" tried to uncover the secrets of feline silence. Illustrations are often overcrowded reflection pet, but they have those arguments over which people are also thinking.

Kitty and Misha
Comics created by a young couple Valerie and Leroy Krasnodara.Glavnye of cat characters Lera and bear Valera. These two animal, different in their essence, are living together. Household problems diluted romantic antics, and light subring - good humor.

4 programm - Sexy girls from social network
The most beautiful girls from social networks Facebook and VK.
- Link to girls page (
- Regular update
- Series photos
- Best amateur photos in high quality
- Zoom and Swipe
- View mode random photos of beauties
- Set picture as desktop wallpaper
- Save favorite photos on a memory card
Social networks are fraught with many insanely beautiful girls. This gallery help you find sexy beautiful girls from and
No matter who it is - sexy model Playboy or Maxim, erotic dancer, go-go, a beautiful teacher, a nurse or a young athletic student, the main thing that it was an amazing gorgeous body. But in contrast to the models Playboy, girls from social networks fb and vk photographed natural, no silicone breasts and Photoshop! The photo sexy girl in underwear, girls without underwear but in bikinis, thongs, stockings, corsets, bikini tops and bras. This gallery hot girls for Android contains beautiful classmate, glamorous girlfriend or work colleague who is not worse than sexy girls Playboy. All pictures are beautiful women in high resolution. For dating with pretty girls in the program writes girls cities and link to girls social page.
Delicate lines of girls, beautiful breasts, firm ass, long legs, athletic body - girls with such parameters fall into the gallery cute girls, and of course true of the social network page or
Does not apply to erotica and porn.
To set the picture, press Menu -> Set as wallpaper.
The application is designed for adults over 18 + years

Manicure - Nail Art Designs
Big collection of ideas for a manicure. Includes 2200 pictures of nail design! Photos manicure can save to memory card. Mode random review of the best nail design ideas will help you choose the perfect for you a manicure. If you need a particular style manicure, then open categories: French, manicure on short nails, fashion manicure for summer 2013 or the new year, daily manicure or to prom, and many other categories. Your nails are always beautiful and diverse. Manicure ideas can be combined! Perhaps looking manicure gallery, you will have an idea of his extraordinary figure on the nails. The program includes the following categories of manicure: Nail Design Ideas(700 foto) Wedding manicure Acrylic nails French Beautiful 2012 Beautiful 2013 Bows Spring Prom" Short nails teens Сolorful New ideas Interest Interest 2 For everybody Summer Photo selection of the most beautiful and fashionable options tunic patterned this season. If the basic principle of the classic jacket - the focus is on the tip of the nail, the jacket art involves a combination of various decorations, bright colors and patterns. This nail design is more prefer young women because it makes it possible to combine perfectly manicured with suits and dresses, to surprise everyone with their extravagance and easy to create a good mood. Photos manicure at graduation Think about the way to the prom should advance. Need to pick up fancy dress and shoes, beautiful evening hair and makeup, and, of course, a manicure. All should be in harmony with each other. Usually, nail design is chosen at the end and it is time to find very limited. That's why we decided to help you in this matter, and gathered the best collection of manicure for prom. Pictures of beautiful pictures on short nails Many women mistakenly believe that only long nails can make a beautiful design manicure. But it is not so, and that you see for yourself. Grow long nails is problematic, and the invoice option looks unnatural. Ideas drawings on short nails. Beautiful photos inconsistent speed polish, great ideas for a manicure. Graft of nails - a great opportunity to easily make yourself beautiful manicure if your own nails are not long enough, and there is an urgent need to hands look elegant and attractive. Photos can be demonstrated to pick up a version of the figures on the inconsistent speed nails of various shapes - rectangular, square, oval, almond or sharpened called stilettos. New Year Nail Design 2013 A collection of ideas for original manicure This is a "non-standard" ideas, so to ladies who prefer the "classic", please treat leniently. Something unusual and interesting, is that a surprise to many. Add colors. Spring. Spring is there - the sun is shining and begins to warm us. And wants to add brightness to their everyday lives. It is true, they say that a lady, of course, must be well-groomed, ranging from hairstyles, ending with his fingertips. What would you put on a beautiful dress does not matter how beautiful was not your makeup or your hair, if your hands are not well maintained, it can ruin the whole image of the hopeless. Nails should be not only neat, well-groomed, but also fashionable. Manicure for all at home We all want to be charming and compelling from head to toe. Manicure nails help us to transform and adjust formu. A selection of manicures. I would like to see your favorite nails well groomed and neat. But at the same time, I want originality and brilliance. Unusual options manicure will help you in a new way to look at the art of manicure. Fashion creative manicure emphasize your individuality and will draw the attention of others.